A Short Guide To A Secure Future

by Stephen Stretton


Part Five introduces investigates the financing of the solutions. I also investigate the financial system in more depth.

The Use of Financial Instruments In Climate Policy

Long-term climate change policy requires various parties to make long term credible commitments into the future. Financial instruments such as bonds or derivatives, are ideal instruments to do so. We investigate the potential for guaranteeing the future carbon, electricity and post-tax energy prices.
Chapter 16 - The Case For The Use of Financial Derivatives In Climate Policy (notes; pdf)

Financial Options Promoting Electricity Investment

I outline the use of financial options to promote investment in electricity generation.
Chapter 17 - Financial Options Promoting Electricity Investment (pdf)

Financing Energy Efficiency; Grandfathering for Citizens

I outline some options for the financing of energy efficiency improvements, including 'grandfathering for citizens'.
Chapter 18 - Financing Energy Efficiency (pdf)

A guide to banking and the 2008 financial crisis

I discuss the nature of fractional reserve banks in the context of the 2008 financial crisis and I discuss a practical proposal for a new, good bank.
Chapter 19 - Banking and the Financial Crisis - The New, 'Good Bank' Plan